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Verhalen van het Noorden: TopDutch Stories

Verhalen van het Noorden: TopDutch Stories

Verhalen van het Noorden: TopDutch Stories

vr, 29 november 2019

Er gebeurt ontzettend veel op Campus Groningen en in de drie Noordelijke provincies. Innovatieve projecten en ambitieuze bedrijven te over! Bij TopDutch worden ook regelmatig mooie verhalen gepubliceerd over deze ontwikkelingen, ideeën en producten. Een van deze verhalen gaat over de sterke ontwikkeling van medische technologie in het Noorden. Duik hier in dit verhaal en lees dit en meer bij TopDutch Stories!

From head to toe with TopDutch's MedTech toolkit

Prevention is always better than cure, but when an artery becomes blocked, the liver stops working, a jaw is broken or an eye no longer sees, we are increasingly able to 'repair’ this with medical technologies and medical devices or smart materials. The strong and vital MedTech sector in the TopDutch region is in the global vanguard of ground-breaking medical technology.

Continuous demand for innovation

It is not surprising that the TopDutch region is so strong in developing highly innovative solutions for medical technology. First of all, there is a continuous demand for innovation. In the Netherlands, with one of the best healthcare systems in the world, doctors quickly look across the borders to explore the current options. This pioneering attitude is shared by the doctors of the University Medical Center in Groningen, which is one of the top medical centers in the world. They are working actively with companies and researchers in the region to explore new opportunities for medical technology.

The MedTech companies in the north of the Netherlands also have easy access to world-class knowledge. Besides medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, the region also has highly developed chemical knowledge and materials engineering. The research group of Nobel-prize winning chemist Ben Feringa has a long-standing tradition in developing innovative materials. The ground-breaking innovations tend to come from the interfaces between the disciplines. `


The road from idea to introduction in the market is often long and complicated for medical-technology applications. The TopDutch region has all the prerequisites for completing this process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Access to state-of-the-art facilities, such as the laboratories of the Zernike Institute for Advances Materials (ZIAM) and Innolab Chemistry. The mentality of cooperation, as reflected in the networks of LifeCooperative and Health Hub Roden. Support from regional governments and investors. Not to mention the constant flow of talent that comes from the educational institutes with a strong work ethos, suitable skills and an entrepreneurial attitude. That is why TopDutch is a region with a flourishing, ground-breaking MedTech sector with a global impact.

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