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Pharma Connect Capital participeert in start-up bedrijven gevestigd Groningen, Friesland & Drenthe, met de missie om nieuwe medicijnen te ontwikkelen, nieuwe medicijntechnologieën, biomarkers of diagnos

What we do

Stimulate innovations through investment

The Pharma Connect Capital fund invests in early stage drug development, drug delivery technologies, biomarkers and diagnostics. With this, PCC contributes to minimizing the innovation and financing gap that has arisen in recent years as the pharmaceutical industry delegates more and more tasks.

With the launch of Pharma Connect Capital on October 12, 2017, initially €8 million will be available to invest in the early and financially most risky stages of drug development. Herewith, fund manager Jan Hendriks expects to support multiple initiatives: “We will invest in the start of various companies, and if they prove successful, we will also be able to co-finance in their growth.”

In order to let the number of high-quality initiatives grow, a strong link has been established with the new Pharma Portal. Within the portal, young pharmaceutical initiatives are accompanied and accelerated. The portal serves as a quality system and quality mark. The Pharma Portal adds expertise based on long-term experience in the international pharma industry. The concepts are independently assessed on content and commercial potential. This is the first cornerstone of an ecosystem with promising initiatives. Ready to be invested in.

The combination of the Pharma Portal and Pharma Connect Capital, in which investors, academic organizations and companies work closely together is unique in the Netherlands. Within the Portal and the fund knowledge and risk investments are connected seamlessly.

Pharma Connect Capital is professionally managed by Jan Hendriks. This experienced entrepreneur comes from the dynamic environment of Groningen where a large variety of Life Science companies form a solid and unique cluster of activities. Together with the University Medical Center Groningen and the University of Groningen, they are the beating heart of this industry on the spot. Pharma Connect Capital has a large network of (inter) national contacts.