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International Conference: Family Health over Lifespan

International Conference: Family Health over Lifespan

International Conference: Family Health over Lifespan

do, 8 februari 2018 t/m vr, 9 februari 2018
De Appel, Zernikeplein 7, Groningen

Conference on Diagnoses, Interventions, and Outcomes in Patient & Family Engaged Care. Exploring effective interdisciplinary strategies to foster Patient and Family Engagement in care. 


The Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Groningen, the Netherlands) presents this conference in strong collaboration with our international partners; the University of Milwaukee (USA), the School of Nursing of North Carolina (USA) and Nursing Pbs (Switzerland). We are happy and proud to invite you to this conference on Family Health over the Lifespan: Diagnostics, Interventions and Outcomes in Patient and Family Engaged Care. 

As research groups in nursing and allied health care professionals at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences with a focus on healthy ageing and (nursing) diagnostics, family care & supportive technology, we address the on-going and future changes in our western health care systems, working closely with well-respected international partners around the world. 

Health care from an interdisciplinary perspective needs to make a challenging shift of paradigm from a patient-focused approach to a family-focused approach. This family approach is necessary in order to meet family needs when caring for their ill, frail or disabled family member and to prevent family health problems as a result of caregiver-related stress and burden. A family-focused approach aims to establish equal, supportive and collaborative relationships between patients, families and health care professionals. Patient and family roles need to shift from being the subject of care to active participants in the care team.

This conference provides a platform for exchanging and sharing of participants’ ideas, experiences, research results, knowledge, and future opportunities. Patient and family engagement in care is relevant to all areas in health care; e.g. acute care and chronic care, paediatric care, end of life care. The conference is therefore open to all health care disciplines and all target groups within health care. 


Well respected, internationally known researchers and experts in this field, from different disciplines will be present as keynotes and will shed new light on the state of the art within this challenging research area. 

For more information on the (scientific) programm, please see this website.