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Energy Seminar: Changing Perspectives of the Energy Transition

Energy Seminar: Changing Perspectives of the Energy Transition

Energy Seminar: Changing Perspectives of the Energy Transition

do, 13 december 2018
16:00 uur tot 18:00 uur
Energy Academy ​Europe, Nijenborgh 6, Groningen

Approaching the energy transition from different perspectives: considering different scales (international, national, regional), different actors (academic, corporate, governance) and different dimensions (technology, society, economy). How do they differ? And how do they actually influence each other? How can we find sound ways forward and change a daunting task into a fascinating challenge and an opportunity that can bring multiple benefits?

Farewell lecture André Faaij

Prof. Dr. André Faaij will take you on a deep dive energy transition journey, saying his goodbyes to Groningen with this public farewell lecture, including an expert panel discussion and interaction with the audience.

The energy transition is a process of unprecedented magnitude, complexity and urgency on a global scale. While global energy use may easily double towards 2050, GHG emissions should be reduced by some 90% to keep climate change under some level of control. This transition has far-reaching economic, societal and environmental implications both globally and locally and the possible and desired pathways will vary across regions, cultures and societies.

Today’s seminar will take you on a deep dive into one of the biggest challenges that lie before us. André will share his views on different and changing perspectives of the energy transition, building on recent research insights and developments in the market and policy. He is joined by an expert panel that will, together with the audience in the room, raise questions and undoubtedly fire up discussions.

Panel of experts

. Ante Frens of NAM

. Nienke Homan of Province of Groningen

. Bert Stuij of New Energy Coalition

The panel members will reflect on Faaij’s presentation, discussing the developments that are laying ahead. Can we step away from our own position in this energy transition and explore the countless other perspectives? Join the discussion and discover new views! New ways of thinking, that will maybe change your own perspective entirely.


15.30 |            Reception with coffee & tea
16.00 |            Welcome by Gertjan Lankhorst, CEO of New Energy Coalition
16.10 |            Lecture by André Faaij, director of science ECN part of TNO
16.45 |            Reaction of expert panel
17.15 |            Discussion with audience
17.40 |            Conclusion by Gertjan Lankhorst