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The University of Groningen (UG) is listed in the top 100 of universities worldwide and enjoys an international reputation as leading research university. The UG is unique in the Netherlands due to its combination of the technical science & engineering disciplines with classical disciplines such as law, the social sciences and business administration. Top-level researchers carry out both fundamental and applied research at the frontiers of knowledge. This presents unique opportunities for collaboration, innovation and improvement of the competitive position.

… where education and research meet

The University provides high quality education and research in a broad range of disciplines. We distinguish ourselves in the international market through a close link between education and research and by focusing on three key elements: Energy, Healthy Ageing and Sustainable Society.

Not only are our education and research programmes socially relevant, but our researchers also collaborate with business partners, public institutions and the government. In addition, the University of Groningen stimulates current debate on scientific, social and cultural issues by providing convincing perspectives and fresh ideas, based on the latest scientific findings.

… as an international player

Education and research at our university are internationally oriented. Students from all over the world prepare themselves in Groningen for their international career paths. We have a strong international reputation and maintain a firm - rapidly increasing - position in the international rankings lists. Collaborations between researchers on the frontiers of knowledge take place within extensive networks, affirming our strong, world wide reputation.

… stimulating talent development for students

As a University, we take the personal ambitions and abilities of our students into account. We provide all students with a well-balanced, high quality curriculum across a multitude of disciplines. For students with strong ambitions and personal motivation we have more intensive programmes such as the University College, Honours College, Research Master and Topmaster programmes. In these programmes we stimulate our students to challenge themselves in terms of education and research. In this respect the University offers students a broad, high quality academic education and gives special talents an extra boost.

… stimulating talent development for staff

We dare to differentiate between the various talents of our staff members and pay extra attention to personal development. By focusing on the direct link between performance, career prospects and remuneration, we give our staff members the opportunity to fully develop their abilities. The University actively contributes to the establishment of an ambitious and inspiring working environment.