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New recycling machine really eats everything

New recycling machine really eats everything

New recycling machine really eats everything

Suppose we can recycle everything, that there is no more waste at all. Beautiful dream? No. Reality. Entrepreneur Richard Kusters, with his Malaysian companion Ali Mohamad Mamat in Groningen, has a machine where waste turns into nothing but useful substances.

Who has not seen it does not believe it. Throw a 60 kilo ltruck tire and you will get 20 liters of oil, 20 kilos of steel, 20 kilos of carbon and a few gallons of gas. All raw materials for new products. 

One kilo plastic turns into 1.2 liters oil

"We started with truck tires in our test facility," says Kusters. "But we've also threw print toners, natural rubber and waste plastics into it. The result is always the same: oil, gas and reusable solids. From one kilo so far non-recyclable plastic we make 1.2 liters of oil. No emissions, no pollution. ''

On the site of EnTranCe (Energy Transition Center) at the Zernike Campus in Groningen, the installation is settled. You do not smell anything, you do not see smoke clouds, but much happens. The big tank is packed with useful oil. Ready while you wait. EnTranCe is the testing ground for startups and other entrepreneurs who engage in new forms of energy and energy use.

"This is the perfect place for us. We know what our installation can do, but the world not yet. Here we have visibility. NGOs are coming to visit. Greenpeace, representatives of governments from home and abroad. The developments of the people here are incredibly fascinating. Everyone is busy, but in the open field you see it, talk about it, work together if possible. ''

Worldwide waste is getting smaller

It is no utopia anymore. Kusters and Mamat hope to open their first big 'real' plant at Delfzijl industrial site by the end of next year. There they think they can make use of regional investment support. This installation is initially aimed at truck tires. They aim at 25 tons a day to start and then quickly increase to 1000 tons. Kusters: "Those tires are the beginning. We want to do all the waste. "

The installation of Kusters and Mamat helps reduce the global waste stock, it is a response to the depletion of fossil fuels and it is a producer of raw materials. "The oil we win can thus be used in shipping. We can upgrade it in a relatively simple way so that it is suitable for passenger cars."

Next 5 years 5000 jobs

The two men have a personal drive: the environment. In Malaysia, the problem of palm oil is gigantic. Mamat saw it with heis own eyes. "Our installation can clean those remains. The palm waste can be found in our installation. And then you'll get beautiful oil for it. "" Kusters want that too. "If you travel across the world, you'll see waste everywhere. Think about Africa, what our installation might mean. We work away the hazardous waste bins and offer a new raw material. 

"Our goal? Over the next five years, we want to create 5000 jobs. ''