All world athletes train on Groningen devices › Campus Groningen

All world athletes train on Groningen devices

All world athletes train on Groningen devices

All world athletes train on Groningen devices

Usain Bolt, Daphne Schippers, Michael Phelps, Lionel Messi. All athletes who use equipment from Groningen. Lode Holding is thé company in the world that measures effort, with the aim of increasing performance.

"I dare to put my hand in the fire that all gold medalists have made use of our equipment at the last Olympic Games," says Johannes Wolters. He is CEO of the medical technology company Lode Holding in Groningen. Ergometers are the most important physical products that the company makes. Think of treadmills and cycling meters, featuring technology that is so progressive that Lode in the world has almost no competition.

'Lodes' meet everything

At Lode Holding, they believe that moving is an important condition for happiness. Therefore, they want to measure all of human movement and performance. Heart rate, blood oxygenation, ECG, blood pressure, strength: These are some of the variables that the device can measure during exercise. And that's what top athletes and their escorts do to know where they stand and to choose the correct train path. Every sports center of any interest in the world has a 'Lode'. "We do receive e-mails from athletes, who also order one for home. That's funny, yes. But Lode is especially involved in the medical world. Lode's equipment is available to rehabilitation physicians and other specialists and researchers. There are specialists who want to measure heart and lung functions during movement. ,, We are the only ones in the world who have developed an ergometer that can be used while making an MRI. That was a complicated process because you would absolutely not cause magnetic radiation. But it worked. And now you can see on MRI images what happens with your heart when you exercise. "

"Money is not our driving force. We have an ideal, helping people to live happily and healthy. Movement is crucial for health, functioning and performance. Get people in motion. That's what it's about.

Since 1948

That's a great performance, of which Lode has delivered more. For example, for a British research group, the Groningers made a device that measured climbers at the Mount Everest. "Then you have to deal with extreme conditions and the absence of electricity, where you can not carry large appliances and where temperature changes are killing.'' Lode Holding is not just a manufacturer. It is a collection of companies that reinforce each other. The Lode factory is one, distributor ProCare is another. And then there is a company specializing in ICT, software and data (aXtion) and a company that does innovative projects, from design to market introduction (Umaco). The common denominator is innovation and that is an important reason why Lode Holding has been based in Groningen since 1948. The company is located at the Zernike Campus, surrounded by leading research institutes of the University of Groningen and Hanzehogeschool.


"If you ask me, it will not take long until we have sensors in our clothes that give a signal, after which it will be send to a data center. And immediately you will get a message that you need to move more, or you need to take less sugar, or something like that. ''