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Access to talent


For more than 400 years, the Northern Netherlands are known as a source of first-rate knowledge and expertise: Nobel Prize winners, the first female student and the first female teacher, the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Central bank were all educated in the Northern Netherlands.

Exchange of business and education

At Campus Groningen, businesses come into contact with students, and therefore with potential new employees. Businesses can actively contribute to the education programme through guest lectures or real-life case assignments, by offering internships, supporting theses and by collaborating with students and researchers within different experimental platforms. For example, all three educational levels work together with companies at the Zernike Advanced Processing facility on upscaling production processes. This creates a win-win situation for businesses, students and educational institutes.

Employees can also continue their learning journey by following relevant courses or taking part in shared activities. Campus Groningen offers plenty of opportunities to join in with workshops, Summer Schools, round table sessions, lectures and conferences. Additionally, there is the option of participating in ‘post-graduate’ courses and ‘tailor-made’ training programmes for professionals.