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LifeLines (NEXT)

LifeLines (NEXT)

Personal advice for healthy living

Why does one person get ill, and another doesn’t? Does an illness develop because of genetic predisposition, is it a result of environmental factors, or a mix of both? The UMCG uses an enormous, constantly growing volume of data from a large-scale population study in the Northern Netherlands to search for answers to these questions: LifeLines. An inexhaustible source of information. More than 165,000 participants have been extensively tested, measured, and interviewed. With the help of the constantly growing volume of data, researchers are attempting to unravel the most profound mysteries of the human being. Such as the answer to the question: why does one person get ill, and another doesn’t?

Normally, people only visit the hospital for examination when they are already ill. But the large majority of the LifeLines participants is healthy. Through regular screening, LifeLines can monitor the process that precedes an illness.

At the end of 2016, "LifeLines NEXT" was added: a large-scale and unique study in 1,500 pregnant women and their babies, during and after pregnancy.