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Center for Cognitive Systems and Materials

Center for Cognitive Systems and Materials

The mission is to develop materials-centred systems paradigms for cognitive computing based on modelling and learning at all levels: from materials that can learn to devices, circuits and algorithms.

Fundamental research

The Center for Cognitive systems and Materials (CCS&M) is a new research initiative that starts in mid 2017. Thanks to a significant private donation, we are able to initiate a research program that addresses fundamental questions of relevance for developing materials and systems for cognitive computing. CCS&M originates from one of the pillars of the ERCET project (European Research Center for Exascale Technology) initiated by the University of Groningen ( ), which welcomes industrial and academic partners as potential users of the university research outcomes. CCS&M focuses on the fundamental research aspects and aims to generate focus and critical mass with the goal of bringing new materials into the new generation of cognitive computers. Tens of PhD students from different disciplines will work for seven years towards this goal.

Participants and expertise

The CCS&M unites researchers from the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) at the University of Groningen with expertise in physics, chemistry, materials science, artificial intelligence, computer science and mathematics.