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BuildinG is the knowledge and innovation center for future-proof building at Zernike Campus Groningen. In BuildinG, entrepreneurs, researchers and governments gather together to test and develop new products that can be used in North Groningen and beyond. Earthquake-proof, life-course and energy-efficient: BuildinG is home in the future.

Test facility

North Groningen has to deal with the effects of earthquake damage. In the coming years, homes and buildings will be restored and strengthened for the future. As many homes as possible are preserved and made life-resistant. This also provides work in the region. This requires innovation in products and processes. BuildinG has a crucial role in this and is the place for companies and residents to work on the thoes of the future.

The BuildinG test hall is a unique facility where entrepreneurs can test new building materials with researchers and students. For example, to build houses in Groningen safer. The research should also lead to new products that can be made in the region. This is again good for the Groningen economy. In the test hall, new technologies are also tested and certified so that innovative solutions can be quickly marketed.


More than stones

At BuildinG, it is more than stones and materials. There is also room for energy-efficient construction, life-run living and domotics. In collaboration with Hanzehogeschool, BuildinG starts a pilot in the field of Healthy Ageing. The pilot examines how older people can stay longer independent and healthy.