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Biobank/Cohorts Knowledge

The UMCG has over 50 years of biobanking research experience, both clinical as well as population studies. The oldest (Vlagtwedde-Vlaardingen, 1965) and largest population-based studies (LifeLines) originate from the UMCG, and all leading clinical research groups have organized clinical biobanks, like COPD, renal failure, transplantation, several cancers, gastro-intestinal diseases, etc. UMCG biobanking researchers are involved, often in a leading position, in all major European biobanking initiatives, as well as in the national biobanking structures (BBMRI-NL, PSI).

The logistics of biobanking

Knowledge on the logistics of biobanking research is not found in textbooks, neither on dedicated statistical analyses or laboratory procedures for large scale data and samples. Because of the long-lasting experience, scientists and policy makers with plans or problems on biobanking increasingly contact UMCG/LifeLines. These questions come from local colleagues and (inter)national researchers.

To embed this knowledge and expertise in the UMCG and LifeLines, BiKE has been established: the Biobanking and cohort studies Knowledge and Expertise Center. BiKE provides a range of services for biobank researchers: notably teaching, large scale data handling & storage, bio sample handling & long term storage, Biobanking ICT infrastructures.

'To embed this knowledge and expertise in the UMCG and LifeLines, BiKE has been established.'

The BiKE portfolio

BiKE offers access to consultancy, services and (ICT) infrastructure. The portfolio of BiKE is being developed by connecting with departments of the UMCG and LifeLines and identifying where there is additional relevant expertise that could be part of the portfolio.

  • Teaching / training
    • Course: Fundamentals of Biobanking
    • Teaching
  • Biobanking products
    • Biobanking from a Box
    • Roadmap to biobanking
  • Best practices implementation
    • Biobank Scan
    • Lean Six Sigma (LSS) projects
  • Set-up of an expertise center
    • Connecting biobanks
    • Data stewardship
  • Clinical site management organization for trials
  • Sample and data storage facilities


Are you a starting or experienced biobank researcher looking for advice or services to improve your research? Please contact Bart Scheerder, Senior Consultant Biobanking (