Young talent meets companies during Careers Week › Campus Groningen

Young talent meets companies during Careers Week

Young talent meets companies during Careers Week

Young talent meets companies during Careers Week

Wed, 25 September 2019

Companies in Groningen that are looking for talent are advised to visit the Careers Week, starting Monday 30 September. This is an ideal place to meet recent graduates or students that are in the process of finishing their studies. The Careers Week on Zernike Campus is the annual careers event organised for the 6.500 students of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of the University of Groningen.


For the students the Careers Week is all about getting to know the labour market and learning more about the skills employers require from them. Throughout the year, but especially during this 3-day event, we help them improve their skills. We would like to work with you to provide the best possible content for the skills workshops, based on one of the employability skills.

You can also provide a workshop based on a specific business case within your organisation, or you can organise a recruitment case so you can work on a case with students that you personally select.

Companies that participated in the past speak highly of Careers Week

‘The students make an interesting audience with a diverse background. This mix makes it possible to make the workshop interactive and have good, frank and substantive discussions about the topic.’ Royal Dutch Army

‘A great opportunity to increase brand awareness among university students and come face to face with our target audience.' Calco

‘A high number of enthusiastic, talented students attended our workshop. As a rapidly growing company, their continued interest even after the workshop is very encouraging given our future recruitment needs.’ Simon & Kucher

The event is attended by about 500 students and over 50 organisations and entrepreneurs.

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