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Worldwide market at LIFE Cooperative’s feet

Worldwide market at LIFE Cooperative’s feet

Worldwide market at LIFE Cooperative’s feet

Mon, 5 November 2018

A delegation of SMEs in the Life Science and MedTech sector in the North is participating in Europe's largest BIO & Life Sciences conference in Copenhagen. Alderman Joost van Keulen (Economy & Innovation, International Trade & Cooperation), is traveling with the LIFE Cooperative. "It's nice to see up close how powerful the LIFE Cooperative is on an international scale," says alderman Joost van Keulen.

The BIO-Europe is the most important biotech event in Europe. Also this year the LIFE Cooperative is present with a stand at the autumn edition (BIO Europe - Fall), which takes place from 5 to 7 November in the Danish capital Copenhagen. "Working together on the power of bundling in acquisition and branding; the 'Bio's' are a good example of this, "says Ton Vries, chairman of the LIFE Cooperative and director of MercachemSyncom. With a joint stand, in aligned branding, the Northern Netherlands Life Science SME presents itself about two to three times a year. The idea of being represented as a business cooperative on the BIO-Europe started in 2015 from a number of members. "It is precisely this motivation that makes it such a strong concept."

Internationally orientated

Biotechnology and life sciences is an international industry. With Groningen Airport Eelde, which forms an accessible international link between the Northern Netherlands and abroad, a destination such as Copenhagen is just around the corner. And that is important for the regional Life Science SMEs. The members of the LIFE Cooperative are - as many people from the north do not know - really leading and important players; their customers are therefore mainly across the border. With a focus on high-quality chemical services for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical, life sciences and innovative chemical customers, they really serve a global market. 


Impuls in Life Science sector

The municipality of Groningen has been working closely with the LIFE Cooperative since the founding in 2015, to strengthen the Northern Life Science sector. Now, three years later, the LIFE Cooperative, with 21 members and over 2,000 employees, has more than € 200 million revenue per year. "Our regional Life Science sector grows with an average of 3% faster in comparison with national growth," Ton says. Reason for the companies of the LIFE Cooperative to invite special guest, alderman Joost van Keulen, to meet our regional players in an international context. "A broad profiling of the Life Science sector and low-threshold participation by SME’s at the BIO-Europe is extremely important. It contributes to innovation, internationalization and human capital ", says Joost van Keulen.