Walk your way to happiness with the Campus Daily Mile › Campus Groningen

Walk your way to happiness with the Campus Daily Mile

Walk your way to happiness with the Campus Daily Mile

Walk your way to happiness with the Campus Daily Mile

Thu, 10 October 2019

Campus Groningen organises  the Campus Daily Mile this week (Healthy Ageing Week) up until today, on the Healthy Ageing Campus. This is a lunch walk of about 1 mile along buildings, companies and researchers in and around the UMCG. Walking is an excellent way to clear your head and get some fresh air during your workday, all in all healthy for body and mind! A participant from the UMCG to the first walk on Monday 4 October wrote a short reflection of her experience during the Campus Daily Mile: get inspired and walk along today!

Finding happiness

The sun was shining, it was fine weather for the first Campus Daily Mile of the Healthy Ageing Week that evolves around the theme of mental health. In front of the main entrance of the UMCG, a group of participants gathered at 12:00 hours. Both employees of the UMCG and people who work elsewhere. "Walking is good for your mental health. Even better than running. So let's go!", said Amber van der Schaaf of Campus Groningen to the group.

Giant child

In front of the Proton Center the group admired the giant child of 15.000 kilo (header photo). After that, Afiena Benthem, staff member radiotherapy, gave insight into how proton therapy works. "Is there no dangerous radiation escaping here?", asked a participant that has retired after working for years as a oncology nurse in the UMCG. "No, because we have walls here that are five meters thick", according to Afiena.


Worms, mice and zebra fish

Afterwards, the walkers visited research institute ERIBA. Researcher Judith Paridaen explained how they conduct research with the help of worms, mice and zebra fish after the process of ageing.


Want to join?
Feel like taking a lunch walk today?  You cans till register for the Campus Daily Mile today (via events@campusgroningen.nl). We start at 12:00 hours in front of the main entrance of the UMCG (Hanzeplein). Or participate in the other activities during the Healthy Ageing Week.

Source text and photo's: UMCG and Campus Groningen

Strenght and illness

The group walked through the entrance to visit the exposition 'Vereeuwigd: Kracht!' (Eternalized: Strentgh!) in the Fonteinstraat. This exposition show ten portraits of people that are ill or have been ill. They explain what they went trough and how they approach life. Very impressive photo's and stories.

An employee who works at the medical administration of KNO looks forward to the visit to the Proton Center. "We refer a lot of our patients to this Center. I enjoy taking a look there myself now, that is why I came along this walk. By the way, I often go for a stroll during my lunch break, it is nice to clear your mind for a bit."