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UMCG wins Smoke-free Generation Award

UMCG wins Smoke-free Generation Award

UMCG wins Smoke-free Generation Award

Mon, 8 April 2019

The UMCG has won the Smoke-free Generation Award in the category Healthcare. The Award was presented at 4 April during a special evening organised by the Alliance Smoke-free Netherlands. According to the jury, the UMCG has made an important contribution to creating a smoke-free generation. The award consists of a plaque and a certificate.  A great reward for all the efforts of the UMCG to stimulate healthy ageing, not just beyond the Campus but also on its own premises.



According to the jury, the UMCG has played an important role in the broader cooperation in and with Groningen, on the road to making the building and premises smoke-free. 'They have overcome several hurdles in doing so and we want to reward this perseverance of the UMCG and the realization of the wider movement with this award for healthcare.'

Greetje Vos, chair of the Taskforce UMCG Smoke-free is happy and proud. 'This Award is a great reward for all the efforts we have made the past two years. Many employees have worked hard to prepare the smoke-free policy that came into action on 1 January 2019.'

Storm troops needed

By being completely smoke-free per 1 January 2019 (building and premises included), the UMCG is the first academic hospital to do so. Earlier, the UMCG supported as one of the first hospitals the criminal case against the tobacco industry that was pursued by the lawyer Benedicte Ficq. And chairman of the board Jos Aartsen called on the ABP to no longer invest in the tobacco industry. As recent as two weeks ago, Aartsen voiced his unhappiness with the discord between the Alliance Smoke-free Netherlands and the lung specialists De Kanter and Dekker. According to him, the more activist lung specialists and the lobbying Alliance strengthen each other. 'You also need storm troops to win the war.'

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