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The tradition 'Campus Diner' scores again

The tradition 'Campus Dinner' scores again

The tradition 'Campus Diner' scores again

Mon, 22 October 2018

A valuable tradition: the 'Entrepreneurs on Campus Dinner'! On 16 October 2018, entrepreneurs, students, researchers and policymakers came together in the Energy Barn at Campus Groningen, to discuss the many facets of the digitalisation theme. How does this theme determine our future? And with which set-up will we make a difference? Groningen is one of the most important IT cities in the Netherlands; Both the infrastructure in the North, the research and the business community do not go unnoticed. Reason enough to review this theme and to explore together where we stand in the Northern Netherlands. 

"Who will go home when he forgets his phone?", "Do you have any idea how many parties collect your data?" and "is 5G the future"? Questions and statements that were addressed by plenary speakers and pitchers. In addition to the contributions from speakers, the team spirit has also scored. The tables had the important task of putting together 'teams' to strengthen the Northern competition around digitalisation. A selection from the input of the coaches: working together - "tikkie takkie" - is key, ethical linesman are important - and we also have that knowledge in Groningen, digitalisation starts in primary education - time for talent scouts, we are not only at the vanguard, but also in the midfield, the defense and the attack, and finally do not talk but do! In short, a meaningful evening on the fastest growing Campus in the Netherlands. Where we want to end with the "opening words" of alderman Joost van Keulen; To a digital brand here in the North!