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Support 4 Mile charity action 'Onder de pannen' for the UMCG Transplatation Centre

Support 4 Mile action Transplantation Centre

Support 4 Mile charity action 'Onder de pannen' for the UMCG Transplatation Centre

Thu, 16 August 2018

This years cause for the 4 Mile of Groningen run and the 4Mile4you run is a special training programm for people who have been transplanted in the UMCG. By supporting the charity action 'Onder de Pannen' ('Taken care of') of the UMCG Transplantation Centre everybody can support transplantation patients!

Getting fit again after transplatation

Patients who underwent an organ transplantation, have to get fit again after this complicated surgery. A special rehabilitation programm offers the solution. Because the programm is very intensive, patients stay overnight in rehabilitation centre Beatrixoord. And that costs a lot of money.

How does the action 'Onder the Pannen' work?

  • With the help of your donation, we can provide this special training programm to patient who had a transplantation
  • It takes €50 for one patient to stay 1 night at the rehabilitation centre
  • It takes €100 for 2 nights. And for €250 one patient can stay the whole week.

So join the charity and donate here!

Onder de Pannen

Inge had the chance to take part in the rehabilitation programm after receiving a donor heart. She now studies and has a future. Help others like Inge, so they can study, work and excercise.

Support the charity action of the 4 Mile 'Onder de Pannen'!

Onder de Pannen

After the training programm 'not a patient anymore'

Waiting for a donor organ and the transplatation surgery itself is difficult enough. But after receiving the donor organ, the journey is over yet. You also want to regain your energy, you want to work, study, exercise, play with your (grand) kids and fullfil your role in society.

To do so, a custom training programm has been developed. After your surgery, you will be admissioned in rehabilitation centre Beatricoord. Here, you will make a head start with rebuilding your condition, you learn to use your energy wisely and to discover your own boundaries.

Receivers of transplantation who have completed the programm state: "We are no longer patients". And that is what matters the most!

Practical information

UMCG Transplantation has a ANBI-status, which means your gift is deductable from taxes. On request, the organisation can send you an invoice. 
Would you like to know more, or do you have specific questions?

  • Please call 050-3613122
  • Mail

Read more about the 4Mile of Groningen here.