Students Hanze University organise 'Musthave Marketday' › Campus Groningen

Students Hanze University organise 'Musthave Marketday Paddepoel' on 17 April

Students Hanze University organise 'Musthave Marketday'

Students Hanze University organise 'Musthave Marketday Paddepoel' on 17 April

Mon, 15 April 2019

Imagine you have a good idea as a student for a new product. You make this product. But how then do you reach your customers? On the 'Musthave Marketday Paddepoel' on Wednesday 17 April! First year students Entrepreneurship & Retail of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences organise on Wednesday 17 April the 'Musthave Marketday' in shopping center Paddepoel in Groningen. Here they will present and sell the products they themselves developed within their student companies, to the wider audience.

Students of the course Entrepreneurship & Retail Management start their own company in the first year of study. The come up with a plan for a product and bring this to the market. According to the Hanze University, it involves 'innovative musthaves and small gadgets that tackle in a practical and creative way social issues.'

Sustainable products

On the market, a variety of products is sold. For instance sustainable bamboo straws to counter the overuse of plastic. Also, small cook books are sold with recipes from several local restaurants, to give a helping hand to the local retailers. A part of the student companies therefore not only aims to grow their own profit but at a social cause.

The Musthave Marketday takes place on Wednesday 17 April in shopping center Paddepoel, from 11 AM to 15 hr PM.

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