Second edition 'Broodje Onderzoek' on 31 January › Campus Groningen

Second edition 'Broodje Onderzoek' on 31 January in UMCG

Second edition 'Broodje Onderzoek' on 31 January

Second edition 'Broodje Onderzoek' on 31 January in UMCG

Tue, 15 January 2019

'Broodje Onderzoek' (Science Sandwich) is a lunch program during which you can get to know top research in the academic hospital (UMCG) in a low-threshold way during the working week. From 12.00 pm you can join for lunch and at the same time be treated to recent developments from medical research. Top researchers from various specialisms will explain their results and methods in accessible lunch lectures in the coming months. During the reading series the use of new techniques such as Virtual Reality, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in health research will be discussed. On 31 January the second edition of 'Broodje Onderzoek' will take place. Prof. dr. Pim van der Harst will discuss the use of artificial intelligence in cardiology.

Pim van der Harst: artificial intelligence in cardiology

Cardiologist van der Harst became the youngest professor in cardiology in the Netherlands. Van der Harst is interested in the use of Big Data and AI in health care. He would like to find out, why one heart patient keeps struggeling with his health and the other patient recovers fast. Big data, the analyses of huge amounts of patient data offer new possibilities. For instance, they give more insight in variants in genes, that could explain the occurance of a heart disease. 



The 'Broodje Onderzoek' lecture takes about half an hour, after which there is time for questions. Lunch lectures are accessible to everyone, including for companies in the city, for example. For only € 7.50 the visitor gets a well-kept lunch and access to the lecture. On 31 January the lunch meeting starts at 12:15 in the Ronde Zaal in the UMCG.  

Registration is mandatory and can be done here: