Second Campus Cafe on Healthy Ageing Campus at ERIBA › Campus Groningen

Second Campus Cafe on Healthy Ageing Campus at ERIBA

Second Campus Cafe on Healthy Ageing Campus at ERIBA

Second Campus Cafe on Healthy Ageing Campus at ERIBA

Mon, 1 October 2018

Campus Groningen organises the second Campus Cafe on the Healthy Ageing Campus on Thursday October 11. The theme of this Cafe is the theme of the Healthy Ageing Week of this year (6-14 October): 'A Healthy Enviroment'. The research institute on the biology of ageing, ERIBA on the Healthy Ageing Campus, will be our host for this event. 

Program and location

16.00 hr       Walk-in
16.15 hr       Welcome by Campus Groningen
16.20 hr       Introduction to ERIBA, research institute on the biology of ageing
16.25 hr       Mark Spit (manager Healthy Ageing Team, UMCG) about 'A Healthy Enviroment' 
16.35 hr       Drinks and opportunity to take a short guided tour through ERIBA
17.30 hr       End

ERIBA, Science Hall, A. Deusinglaan 1 on the Healthy Ageing Campus in Groningen. ERIBA Science Hall is located at the north side of the premises of the UMCG. Parking is possible in garage UMCG Noord. From Groningen Central Station, P+R citybus 22 takes you to bus stop UMCG Noord.

ERIBA building
ERIBA building


The mission of ERIBA is to better understand what causes ageing. Our studies are focused on the mechanisms that result in loss of cells with age and the decline in the function of old cells and tissues. ERIBA aims to develop novel strategies to prevent or combat age-related disease and to provide evidence-based recommendations for healthy ageing. The approach is based on curiosity, communication and collaboration. Group leaders and their teams working with unique model systems and technology platforms meet regularly and share their knowledge and expertise to accelerate discoveries.

About the Campus Cafe

The Campus Cafe is organised twice every year by the Campus management, for all the people who work on the Campus (both on the Zernike Campus and Healthy Ageing Campus) or who are otherwised involved with the Campus. An excellent opportunity to meet your partners in the universities, the local business owners on campus and the campus management. So join us and share a drink with us!