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New opportunities for e-health with 5G

New opportunities for e-health with 5G

New opportunities for e-health with 5G

Tue, 5 February 2019

In March 2019, a new pilot with 5G starts on Campus Groningen: a 5G emergency button for seniors citizens. The company Montr Montr starts this pilot with a small emergency button that functions with new 5G technology at the testing ground 5Groningen, fieldlab for the the latest generation mobile internet on Zernike Campus. The aim is to equipe seniors in North Groningen with a user-friendly  aid to enhance their living comfort. This contributes to the perception of safety and quality of life of the area. Montr collaborates in this 5G project with the Tinten Wellfare group (Tinten Welzijnsgroep), 5Groningen, Vodafone and Ericsson. With e-health (digital support in health care), people gain much easier access to health care and get more insight in their health. Lots of opportunities for the development of e-health here!

As a boost for the livability in the earthquake region, the Economic Board Groningen has approved a 5G project that provides a group of seniors in North Groningen with the Montr ‘Narrowband IoT Emergency button’. Narrowband means working on a low frequency band and IoT means 'Internet of Things', the technique that connects more and more gear on the internet with each other.

More than technology

The project entails more than a technical approach, because Montr puts people first in the process of product development. Therefore, the Tinten Welzijnsgroep plays a pivotal part at the introduction. Together with local wellfare employees, seniors will be approached for this project. Next step is to map the social network and discuss per individual how to use the emergency button. Is there a sense of unsafety, or are there medical risks at play? Which people should be alarmed by the  control room and which local contacts can be activated?

Putting the user at the heart of it

Montr is aided at this introduction by technology partners Vodafone Netherlands and Ericsson, who have committed themselves to this pilot of 5Groningen in preparation of the 5G future. For instance, the emergency button uses the existing narrowband network of Vodafone during this pilot. This network has national coverage, so participants of the pilot can use their emergency button all over the Netherlands. A benefit of this technique is the fact that the button works as a stand-alone and uses very little energy. So there is no inhibition to use it in their daily lives.

The user is put at the heart of the project, both in the development as in the implementation in local areas and communities. To further develop the product, Montr uses premium technology such as the narrowband IoT network and the recently launched nRF91 series chipset of Nordic Semiconductors. The solution is developed incompany and is secure and privacy compliant.