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New on Campus Groningen: Campus Cycle

New on Campus Groningen: Campus Cycle

New on Campus Groningen: Campus Cycle

Fri, 25 May 2018

Campus Groningen launches a pilot with 15 shared bikes for Zernike Campus on P+R Reitdiep on May 29 2018. Campus Groningen works continuously on the accesibility of the Campus with her partners, using innovations and smart mobility projects, such as these shared bikes. The festive launch of the Campus Cycle will take place in the company of the delegate Fleur Gräper-van Koolwijk, council member Paul de Rook and Wilko Huyink, director of Groninger Bereikbaar.

The 'last mile' with the Campus Cycle

P+R Reitdiep is very suitable for visitors and employees who travel to Zernike Campus by car, and who experience great difficulty in finding a parking spot on the Campus itself. The last part of the journey from the Park and Ride Reitdiep (the well known 'last mile') can be traveled by bus, or with the Capus Cycle from this time onwards! The bikes can also be used for an appointetment elsewhere in town. In this pilot, Campus Groningen provides 15 shared bikes together with Groningen Bereikbaar on P+R Reitdiep for a year.


16:00 hr  Welcome at P+R Reitdiep with coffeee/tea, Professor Uilkensweg, corner Friesestraatweg
16:10 hr  Transfer of the bikes by Groningen Bereikbaar (Wilko Huyink) to Campus Groningen (Annet de Vree)
16:15 hr  Launch pilot Campus Cycle in company of delegate Fleur Gräper-van Koolwijk and council member Paul de Rook
16:30 hr  End of programm

How does the Campus Cycle work?

Visitors, students and employees can rent these bikes to get to the Campus quick and easy from P+R Reitdiep. The lock can be opened with an app. After registering, users get a login for the app of the smart lock. With the app, users can look for a bike, make a reservation 4 hours in advance and unlock the bike. The bikes a free of use for the first ten hours; after that, the users pays a small fee. The  collecting and returning point for the Campus Cycle is P+R Reitdiep.