New innovation center hive.mobility on Zernike Campus › Campus Groningen

New innovation center hive.mobility on Zernike Campus

New innovation center hive.mobility on Zernike Campus

New innovation center hive.mobility on Zernike Campus

Mon, 8 July 2019

Campus Groningen has a new innovation center: hive.mobility. A large number of organisations (government, knowledge institutions and business life) work together here in the search after and the development of smart and green solutions in the field of mobility for people and freight transport. On Friday 5 July the new innovation center was officially opened on Zernike Campus.

Smart mobility

With smart mobility they work on a safe, comfortable and a well accessible region. Reaching goals with smart mobility is only possible by working together and joining forces, as is done now in hive.mobility. Besides the official launch with signing and revealing the name and logo, there was much to see and experience on 5 July.

For each of the below mentioned key points in the collective innovation agenda of hive.mobility there were demonstrations. Such as: the hydrogen bus, cargo bikes, drones, an autonomous shuttle, train and even boat, an electric tricycle, the solar racing team, the Hubs, Anders Roosteren, the convenant sustainable city logistics, collaboration in logistic networks and speedpedelecs.

Innovation agenda

The initiators of hive.mobility have put together an innovation agenda with five key points:

  1. smart (city) logistics 
  2. open and connected networks for freight transport and passenger transport (such as Hubs and Mobility as a Service, MaaS) 
  3. making mobility and infrastructure sustainable
  4. autonomous transport over land, water, railroad and through the air
  5. smart vehicles (communication between vehicles, road side and in the network, 5G, data sharing)

Campus great breeding ground for start-ups

"The Campus is a great breeding ground for start-ups. And we hope of course, that the innovation center will produces new companies as well", says Fleur Gräper, representative of the province of Groningen. Together with the municipality, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the University of Groningen and Noorderpoort one of the founders fathers. Gräper: "We concluded last year, that we have a lot of pilots in the field of mobility. We asked ourselves: can't we bring those together and make sure that after the pilots, realization of projects also takes place? Not just testing innovations, but also perpetuating them. And organise business around it."

More information

Do you have any questions or remarks on hive.mobility? Please contact the organisation via

More information

Founders and strategic partners

Hive.mobility is organised and financed by the five founders the province of Groningen, the municipality of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the University of Groningen and Noorderpoort. By now, also nine strategic partners have joined (Hitachi Capital Mobility, Arriva, Qbuzz, RobotTuner, Century, Holthausen, Energy Expo, Groningen Bereikbaar and the OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe). Also the Nationaal Programma Groningen has made a contribution.

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Copyright picture: Noorderpoort