More than 26 milion subsidy available › Campus Groningen

More than 26 milion subsidy available fromOP EFRO available from February 1st 2018 onwards

More than 26 milion subsidy available

More than 26 milion subsidy available fromOP EFRO available from February 1st 2018 onwards

Mon, 5 February 2018

The Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN, The Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliance​) makes more than 26 million euro subsidy available per February 1st 2018 for projects aimed at valorisation, research, pilot projects, network development and human capital.  These new budgets are made available because of the OP EFRO Noord-Nederland (Operational Programm European Fund Regional Development). Subsidy applications can be submitted until November 30 2018. This means new opportunities for entrepreneurs and partnerships on Campus Groningen with innovative ideas!

Application desk opens at February 5 2018

The digital application desk opens on monday February 5. Before submitting an application, SNN invites you to talk to them or the Province of Groningen, Drenthe or Fryslan first. Experience has shown this helps to boost your chance at success. Pilot project Newborn is an example of a succesful application for this kind of subsidy in 2017. 

Pilot project Newborn

Newborn is the name of a new research that started in 2018 on the Healthy Ageing Campus in Groningen.  It is a cooperation of Lifelines, the UMGC, Philips and the cooperative of the small businesses and Medtech companies in the Northern Netherlands, who have united themselves in the Live Cooperative. The project Newborn ensures that young families can test devices 'real time', which can contribute to healthy ageing.

In this research project, participants of Lifelines-NEXT are asked to test the devices on themselves or on their own living enviroment. It involves devices that give the user insight in their own health, or devices that can contribute to a better health. Examples are smart tooth brushes, scales, baby monitors and sensors in dipers to avoid sore baby bottoms.

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