Meet the future: Kick-off Digital Society Hub and 5G Lab › Campus Groningen

Meet the future: Kick-off Digital Society Hub and 5G Lab

Meet the future: Kick-off Digital Society Hub and 5G Lab

Meet the future: Kick-off Digital Society Hub and 5G Lab

Thu, 29 June 2017

The Digital Society Hub of teh Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the 5G Lab of 5Groningen, project of the Economic Board Groningen, had their joint kick-off on June the 28th. A hologram gave the visitors a look into the future, a LED-screen introduced the possibilities of fast internet and robot Pepper was present to give a warm welcome to the visitors. The kick-off took place at EnTranCe on Zernike Campus Groningen. 

Innovation lab

The Digital Society Hub is a living lab where students, lecturers, researchers and entrepreneurs work together on the latest technological developments. Technological advances in a range of disciplines are taking place at a breakneck pace. Whether it concerns developments relating to a safe living environment, maintaining good health into advanced age or sustainable energy, IT plays a key role across the board. The Digital Society Hub is an inspiring workplace where multidisciplinary teams will develop new products and applications relating to 5G, big data and e-health. The hub develops applications using, for example, virtual reality, augmented reality, games and drones.

5G Lab

5Groningen tests applications using 5G. It doesn’t test the technology itself, but what you can do with it. We do this with partners from various sectors, including commercial companies, knowledge institutes and social organizations.

Applications are put through their paces in the 5G Living Lab on Zernike Campus in Groningen (close to the EnTranCe energy transition centre) and at various other locations in the North-Groningen countryside. 5G applications such as drones, virtual/augmented reality and all kinds of applications with the Internet of Things (IoT) can be tested and further developed in the Living Lab. This lab is the gateway to the real field tests. It’s where the prototypes are tried out before they go live in North-Groningen.

All this pre-testing is carried out before the ‘real tests’ with 5G applications at the chosen test sites in North-Groningen. These include tests with self-driving cars and tractors, and smart ambulances.


Foto van robot Pepper: Digital Society Hub