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Launch Upgrade Zernikelaan

Launch Upgrade Zernikelaan

Launch Upgrade Zernikelaan

Tue, 25 June 2019

The municipality of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen gave a symbolic launch this afternoon to the construction works of the Zernikelaan on Zernike Campus. They invest heavily in the quality of public space and traffic safety, that gives the atmosphere and appearance of the Zernike Campus a boost. Oosterhof Holman is the contractor that will tackle the job in the next three years. 

Edward van der Meer, Director of Campus Groningen is pleased with the upgrade: “To Campus Groningen, this upgrade of the Zernikelaan entails a great improvement of Zernike Campus. Not just the infrastructure, but also public space, the Campus as meeting point for education, research and companies get an enormous impulse."

Improvement entrance to Zernike

The construction works at the entrance to Zernike Campus are in full swing already. The bike lanes have been renewed and during the summer the car lanes will be taken care of. The exits Zernike Campus of the Ring Road will be widened, to ensure a good flow of traffic. The area underneath the ring road will be renewed and made more clear for cars and bikes. Rob Verhofstad, Member of the Board of the Hanze University, acknowledges the benefits of the traffic conditions. "We get a more beautiful, hospitable and appealing entrance to the Campus. And a better and safer journey for our students and employees. We have an agreement with the contractor that students can participate in this project, that fits our hands-on approach institute. The contractor makes a sustainability budget available for research and development of sustainable ideas. Our students, teacher-researchers and other employees can play an important role in this development."

Peter Westra, Director Oosterhof Holman, explains where the challenge lays in this upgrade: "In terms of implementation, the job is 'a piece of cake', but it is the dynamic surroundings that makes this project so challenging. And we hope to use new techniques from our Living Lab for architectural and infrastructural innovations."

Education and business life

A Campus full of talent also needs a physical good appearance. Roeland van der Schaaf, alderman Spatial Development at the municipality of Groningen: "I am proud that we succeed in Groningen to bring together education and business life so well. We have got such potential and talent as a city. In energy transition, on a digital level, in the field of healthy ageing. A Zernike Campus with international allure and appearance is fitting to that."

Erika Hepping, Director Real Estate and Investments of the University of Groningen points out that Zernike Campus is bustling at the moment with construction works: "The Upgrade Zernikelaan is not the only building activity at the Campus.  The UG alone has two projects going on at the moment: the expansion of the Aletta Jacobs Hall and from 1 July onward the new construction Feringa Building. This shows how much the Campus is developing. A beautiful, lively and accessible Zernikelaan plays an important part in this."

Copyright header photo: municipality of Groningen