Innovative Northern Netherlands invited for Philips Innovation Award

Innovative Northern Netherlands invited to Seminar Philips Innovation Award

Innovative Northern Netherlands invited to Philips Innovation Award

Innovative Northern Netherlands invited to Seminar Philips Innovation Award

Thu, 15 November 2018

Young entrepreneurs and students in the Northern Netherlands pay attention; the Philips Innovation Award (PHIA) for 2019 will start. This means that various seminars take place in the Netherlands, so that one can prepare for possible participation for the award. On November 26, 2018, the PHIA will also visit Campus Groningen with its seminar. During the seminar, attendees get the chance to pitch their idea, hear more about the PHIA and an inspiring speaker will spice things up. This edition – amongst others - speakers from IVWear and Jeroen Loef will be present! The seminar in Groningen is organized by Campus Groningen, the Philips Innovation Award, VentureLab, Marian van Os - Center for Entrepreneurship and Founded in Groningen.

The Philips Innovation Award does not believe in the 'the winner takes it all' principle. The PHIA wants to offer a platform that every participant can benefit from. This way you will receive personal feedback during the seminar, you can test an idea, win a prize and expand your network. The program of the seminar offers sufficient opportunity for networking with attendees such as Jeroen Loef (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Jessica Mills (Founded in Groningen), Klaas Holtman (Bedrijvenvereniging WEST) and Klaas Kooistra (NOM).

The experience of a finalist

Last year, the Groningen startup IVWear was in the final of the Philips Innovation Award. IVWear originated in collaboration with the University of Groningen. The idea of ​​IVWear: the development of a portable infusion to replace the infusion pole. The idea behind this idea is that the infusion pole impedes patients from moving, while exercise is actually conducive to the recovery of patients. Thanks to IVWear's patented portable infusion, patients can move more and thus go home faster. This year, during the seminar, they will talk about the development of their idea and of course their participation in the Philips Innovation Award.

The program

The program of 26 November is as follows:

14.45                     Walk in
15.00                     Introduction PHIA
15.10                     Experiences PHIA by IVWear
15.20                     Guest speaker Jeroen Loef about entrepreneurship
15.40                     Introduction ‘bierviltjes’
15.45                     Break / fill in ‘bierviltjes’
16.00                     Pitches – 1 minute elevator pitch
16.45                     Anouncement winner by jury
                               Jessica Mills (Founded in Groningen), Klaas Holtman  (Bedrijvenvereniging WEST),
                               Jeroen Loef (Hanzehogeschool), Klaas Kooistra (NOM)
17.00                     Drinks and bites

Sign up and location

The seminar takes place at 26 november 2018 in Startup City (Kadijk 2) from 15.00 till 17.30 hour. Drinks are included. You can sign up here via Campus Groningen Philips Innovation Award