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Hanze University on the road to smoke-free

Hanze University on the road to smoke-free

Hanze University on the road to smoke-free

Wed, 8 May 2019

As of Monday 6 May 2019, Hanze University of Applied Sciences is completely smoke-free. Hanze UAS wants to set a shining example for the new generation and visibly contribute to the key priority of Healthy Ageing, both on the Hanze area's on Zernike Campus as on the Healthy Ageing Campus. This is all about creating a healthy living environment that encourages healthy habits, so there's no room for smoking in this picture. Their ambition is to create a smoke-free environment in which employees, students, visitors and residents will not be bothered by smoke or encouraged to start smoking themselves. 

What does it involve?

By 6 May 2019, all of the smoking shelters on Hanze's premises on Zernike Campus have been removed. Alternative smoking areas are created that are more out of sight and further away from main walking routes. We're not going to force our staff to quit smoking, although it will only be permitted in the three designated areas. 

Smoke-Free Netherlands Alliance

In April 2017, Hanze joined the Alliantie Rookvrij Nederland (Smoke-Free Netherlands Alliance). Within the Municipality of Groningen, Hanze is collaborating with around 40 other organisations – such as the UMCG, the University of Groningen, the SKSG and the Northern Netherlands Healthy Ageing Network – with the goal of making organisations smoke-free. As a knowledge institute and major employer, it is Hanze's responsibility to set a good example with regard to healthy behaviour.

For this reason, the Hanze wants to be an organisation that does its utmost to prevent people from smoking and help smokers to quit. Part of this policy is achieving a smoke-free Hanze. As one of the partners of the Smoke-Free Netherlands Alliance (Alliantie Rookvrij Nederland), our aim is to make Hanze entirely smoke-free: childcare centres, sports clubs, primary schools, secondary schools and MBO (upper secondary vocational education) institutions are also becoming or are already entirely smoke-free.