Get your 'science snack' on Noorderzon › Campus Groningen

Get your 'science snack' on Noorderzon

Get your 'science snack' on Noorderzon

Get your 'science snack' on Noorderzon

Mon, 12 August 2019

Feel like starting again with work and study at the end of the summer? Get a 'science snack' before you begin, at Noorderzon! The 10 day Pertforming Arts Festival opens at Thursday 15 August, with several fun activities around knowledge and science, organised on Noorderzon by knowledge institutions and other organisations in Groningen. Check your options here!

Crack the code for happiness - 21 August

#happiness #happy. If we are to believe social media, we are all happy. But meanwhile, we all have off days, worries, insecurities and stress. Just as well! Would you like to know more about mental health? Then join the Horatio tent on 21 August. Talk to experts, crack 'the code for happiness' in the Escape Room and find your way out!

Children's program 14:00 – 17.00 hr 
Crack the 'happiness code' in the Escape Room for kids. Write a love letter with journalist Lieke to your father, mother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, friend or pet. Get to know mindfulness. And chat with expert Bertus Jeronimus about happiness, sadness and other feelings. 

Evening program 20.00 – 22.00 hr
In teh evenning, everybody can go and search for the 'key to happiness' in the Escape Room. Experts Agnes Schilder, Peter de Jonge and Susanne Scheibe give interactive mini lectures on mental health and love to join a conversation on these topics.
This program in the Horatio Tent is a production of HANNN, UMCG (ERIBA and Healthy Ageing Team), UG, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health and the municipality of Groningen. 

DIY research - 16 until 20 August

From 16 to 20 August, you can find Noorderlichten [Northern Lights] activities for young and old at the Speelweide area, organized by the Young Academy Groningen (YAG). Always wanted to be a scientist for a day? Or want to get to know the young scientists at the UG and learn about their research? The members of the YAG will show you what a neuron looks like, how you can study a group of turtles and who the Greek gods were. Come along to try out experiments, puzzles and challenges! If you manage to complete everything, you will even receive a diploma.

Lectures via headphones - 16 until 20 August

In the evenings, YAG members will give spectacular 15-minute mini-lectures designed especially for children (and adults) aged 12 years and over. Every evening, other researchers will speak about one of 20 diverse interesting topics via a headset. What is the societal impact of your toilet roll? Are criminals taking over the Netherlands? What can seventeenth-century philosophers teach us about current questions on identity and individuality? You can count on leaving the podium in the Speelweide area feeling enriched!

Studium Generale and Aletta Jacbs School of Public Health - 17, 18 and 24 August

Can’t wait until lectures begin again in September? Studium Generale will also join the University of Noorderzon, with three scientific lectures for adults taking place across both weekends of the festival.

  • 17 Aug. Dirk de Wachter – Laat ons ook ongelukkig zijn [Let’s be unhappy too] (sold out)
  • 18 Aug. Ellen Laan – Seks! Een leven lang leren [Sex! A life of ongoing learning]
  • 24 Aug. Menno Schilthuizen – Darwin in de stad [Darwin in the city]

For the second year running, the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health (AJSPH) has also planned a full day of activities on the theme of healthy ageing, including an escape room for kids. This takes place on 21 August in the Horatio tent.

Overview 'science snacks'

  • Noorderlichten (YAG): 16-20 August from 1 to 6 p.m., for ages 6 and above, costs 1 ‘Speelweidemunt’ per activity. The list of activities for each day can be found at
  • Mini-lectures (YAG): 16-20 August from 8 to 10 p.m., for ages 12 and above, costs € 4 per person. The list of topics can be found at
  • Studium Generale: scientific lectures for adults on 17, 18 and 24 August. Costs € 7.50 per person. For tickets, visit Studium Generale Groningen.
  • The Escape (AJSPH): 21 August, ‘CRACK THE CODE FOR HAPPINESS’. For details, visit the AJSPH website.

The 29th edition of Noorderzon takes place from Thursday 15 to Sunday 25 August in the Noorderplantsoen park in Groningen.

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Copyright photo: (c) Pierre Borasci, Noorderzon