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Exhibition NEXT / Living Lab Newborn 16 March

Exhibition NEXT / Living Lab Newborn 16 March

Exhibition NEXT / Living Lab Newborn 16 March

Tue, 5 March 2019

BEYOND THE LAB: the DIY Science Revolution

Why does one person get chronically ill and the other not? It is thought that the basis for this is laid during pregnancy and in the first years of life. And do surroundings, life style or hereditary disposition play a role? These questions are central in the NEXT and Newborn researches. During the exhibition Beyond the Lab in the University Museum of Groningen, Lifelines Next and Newborn show the contents of both projects in a special sub-exhibition on Saturday 16 March, between 13hr and 17 hrs.

NEXT and Newborn take you on the journey of Johanna during this exhibition: a young and enthousiastic NEXT and Newborn participant. The show you the biomaterials that Johanna collects, when and how often she does this and the type of information this delivers.

Lifelines NEXT

The UMCG uses an enormous, constantly growing volume of data from a large-scale population study in the Northern Netherlands to search for answers to these questions: LifeLines. An inexhaustible source of information. More than 165,000 participants have been extensively tested, measured, and interviewed. With the help of the constantly growing volume of data, researchers are attempting to unravel the most profound mysteries of the human being. Such as the answer to the question: why does one person get ill, and another doesn’t? At the end of 2016, "LifeLines NEXT" was added: a large-scale and unique study in 1,500 pregnant women and their babies, during and after pregnancy.

Living Lab Newborn

Healthy ageing starts in the womb. UMCG, Center for Development & Innovation (CDI), Lifelines, Philips and the Life Cooperative join forces in the project Living Lab Newborn to develop new products that help to make a good start in life. Living Lab Newborn is a real life laboratory, in families' homes. And that is of great value to companies in the North. SME's can now test innovations and collect data on a large scale. This is very important for the optimal development of apps and smart devices. Living Lab Newborn offers participating companies the lab and reference values that are pivotal.

Expositie Beyond the Lab

Science is done by scientists. Isn't it? The exhibition Beyond the Lab explores seven remarkable stories of people who are opening up research to everyone. The exhibition is an initiative of Sparks to show that people can participate in science and share responsibility for scientific research and innovation.

  • You can visit the exposition in Groningen from 23 November until 14 April 2019 in the University Museum 
  • The special NEXT / Newborn exposition takes place on Saturday 16 March, 13-17 hrs in the  University Museum
Expositie Beyond the Lab