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De Streekboer at Zernike Campus

De Streekboer at Zernike Campus

De Streekboer at Zernike Campus

Wed, 20 March 2019

New on Zernike Campus: products of the Streekboer (regional farmer)! Are you tired of buying outsourced greenhouse products from the supermarket? Looking for an ecological, locally produced alternative? Or are you simply seeking for ways to be more environmentally friendly? De Streekboer is your way to go! A great initiative of the Green Office of the University of Groningen and De Streekboer

A project from the Green Office ambassador team is devoted to bringing you locally grown products in the region of Groningen. De Streekboer works completely online, with a system of delivery spots scattered around the region. And now the Green Office is proud to bring you a new delivery spot at the Zernike Campus itself! For you: students and staff! People working on other places on Zernike Campus can also order products at The Streekboer.

Order Wednesday 27 March

You can start ordering by Wednesday the 27th of March through their website in order to receive them every Thursday, and for the first time at the 4th of April at Zernike Campus. The delivery stand will be placed at the computer facilities between Duisenberg and Mercator. Students can even order the discounted prices, as if they were members of De Streekboer. We hope to see you every Thursday picking up your locally grown vegetables, produced honey and other green products. Let ’ s build together a more sustainable society and university!

Check De Streekboer organisation, ideology and products at:!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us and stay tuned at the Facebook page: