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iGEM 2019: Team Groningen develops a biological QR-code

Biological QR-code step closer

iGEM 2019: Team Groningen develops a biological QR-code

Mon, 21 October 2019

The 2019 iGEM team of Groningen has developed a biological QR-code. The aim of the team is to improve the safety of digitally sharing information. To tackle this world-wide problem, the team developed a protocol to share delicate information via a biological QR-code. With this new idea, the team participates in the annual iGEM competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

To explain the idea of their project, a short video, including an animation, has been produced. Please watch the video on the right and get to know everything about the bio QR!

About iGEM

iGEM is the international Genetically Engineering Machine competition, that is held every year in Boston. iGEM provides multidisciplinary teams of students with the opportunity to find solutions for global problems using synthetic biology. Students devise, design and build a living machine to tackle medical, sustainable, societal or industrial issues. For the eleventh time the University of Groningen will participate in this contest with a diverse team of 11 members, all connected to the Faculty of Science and Engineering.


iGEM 2019 - Team Groningen