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AGILeBiotics fights antibiotic resistance

AGILeBiotics fights antibiotic resistance

AGILeBiotics fights antibiotic resistance

Tue, 22 August 2017

Campus Groningen, a place where "all essential ingredients are present to start a business", said dr. Andreas A. Bastian. Not long ago, he had the opportunity to start his own company ‘AGILeBiotics’ in Groningen. This spin-off from the University of Groningen focuses on the development of new antibiotics.

Antibiotics resistance: a serious threat to public health. By 2050, antibiotic resistance may be the major cause of mortality worldwide. Currently, society is faced with increasing resistance to antibiotics and insufficient development of new antibacterial agents. The pharmaceutical industry is becoming less and less involved in the development of new antibiotics, as this is not economically interesting.

Over the last twenty years, the number of companies active in the field of antibacterial development has decreased by 80 percent. As a result, there are currently few new antibiotics approved, which means that there are fewer treatment options.

AGILeBiotics; One year work in two days

The antibiotic resistance increases and the treatment options decrease. The most successful strategy for introducing new antibiotics (chemical synthesis) takes a lot of time, in the range of years.

This is where AGILeBiotics comes in, of course in close contact with researchers from the Centre for Sustainable Antimicrobials (CeSAM) - a collaboration of several University of Groningen research institutes and the University Medical Center Groningen focused on tackling antimicrobial resistance - and with local life science SMEs. The patented technology platform of AGILeBiotics brings back one-year's work of synthesis to just two days. You can imagine what this does with the chance of finding new antibiotics, and thus finding new treatment options.

Working together on Campus Groningen

AGILeBiotics's office is located in Innolab Chemie on Campus Groningen. This incubator for starters in chemistry offers laboratory facilities. Why AGILeBiotics is located at Campus Groningen? Because "all essential ingredients to start a business are present in one place. The knowledge institutions are around the corner, there is interaction with different nationalities and entrepreneurs and local investors offer opportunities to start your own business. What one still needs is motivation and the willingness to take a risk. "

Succes story

An image says more than a thousand words. Therefore, get inspired by the story of AGILe Biotics, one of the many stories of Campus Groningen.

The impact of Campus Groningen; AgileBiotics highlighted

The impact of Campus Groningen; AgileBiotics highlighted

Communication is key for business. I think you need motivation, be optimistic and take a risk from time to time.