7 million for Linnaeusborg upgrade › Campus Groningen

7 million for Linnaeusborg upgrade

7 million for Linnaeusborg upgrade

7 million for Linnaeusborg upgrade

Thu, 24 October 2019

More space for the prestigious Chemical Building Blocks Research Center (CBBC), which will result in the upgrade of the Linnaeusborg on Zernike Campus Groningen. The University newspaper reports that the Executive Board of the University of Groningen approved the job last week.

New laboratories

The instructions for the job will be sent to the contractors this week. They will modify the currently empty laboratories on the ninth floor to meet the demands of the chemists who will be working there. ‘The new lab interiors have to be put in before the end of the year’, says Faculty of Science and Engineering housing manager Andrys Weitenberg. ‘We want everything to be operational by April of next year at the latest.’ 

The entire renovation, which will take place on the eighth and ninth floor of the Linnaeusborg will be ‘finished sometime next year’, says Weitenberg. The job will cost almost seven million euros, and the board of directors will pay six million for the renovation costs. The rest of the money will be spent on fume hoods and other interior needs. 

Source: ukrant.nl