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Philips Innovation Award Seminar

Philips Innovation Award Seminar

Philips Innovation Award Seminar

Wed, 29 November 2017
15:00 hour until 17:30 hour
Startup City, Kadijk 2, Groningen

About the Philips Innovation Award

Many people have clever, innovative ideas. You are probably one of them. But only a few have the guts to transform their idea into a successful start-up. It’s precisely this group of people who make the difference in our world. (Besides that, a considerable part of them becomes a millionaire before their 30th birthday.) Why shouldn’t you join these people? Everyone with a clever idea can participate in the Philips Innovation Award. It doesn’t matter whether your idea solves a huge worldwide problem, or just makes daily life a bit more easy and fun.

Startup City

The Campus is looking for student and young entrepreneurs (up to three years after graduation), with innovative ideas in the context of the Philips Innovation Award (PHIA). The Zernike Campus facilitates the first phase of the PHIA in the Northern-Netherlands. This phase is a seminar where PHIA will be introduced, a renowned entrepreneur will speak about entrepreneurship and students can share their idea during a pitch or on paper. After the seminar the participants can decide if they want to continue the process, which consist of (support in) making a business plan and developing the idea into a product. The seminar takes place on November 29, from 15:00 till 17:30 at the Startup City (including a drink afterwards).

Join us!

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