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PhD Day 2019

PhD Day 2019

PhD Day 2019

Fri, 20 September 2019
Oosterpoort, Trompsingel 27, Groningen

The PhD day is a day for all PhD students from all fields and nationalities, although master and postdoc students are of course more than welcome as well. We, PhD students too, aim to create a special day in which PhD students can learn and develop academically and personally. We have a great day with, keynote lectures, talks, workshops, a career fair and a festival and dinner to experience together with hundreds of mind-like PhD students.

Theme 'Keep your light on'

This year we want to highlight the importance of the physical and mental well-being of PhD students. Therefore, our motto is: “Keep your light on”, and it’s an invitation to stay motivated and engaged in our PhDs and life.

By being conscious of ourselves, the human being behind the PhD student, and by creating a safe, tolerant and enriched social environment we can become happy and successful researchers.

Copyright photo:, Photographer Niels de Vries