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Odyssey Hackathon

Odyssey Hackathon

Odyssey Hackathon

Thu, 11 April 2019 t/m Mon, 15 April 2019
Sugar factory, Groningen

Odyssey (former Dutch Chain) is a blockchain & AI hackathon where top teams and governmental, corporate, and non-profit launching partners co-create solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, backed by an ecosystem you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Here, the developers, entrepreneurs, and creatives work side-by-side with big corporates, governmental bodies, financial regulators, legal and technical experts, and key industry stakeholders, to unlock new protocols and new markets.

Ultimate launchpad

The Odyssey Hackathon enables developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs from all over the world to co-create solutions to the challenges contributed by program partners and launching customers using blockchain, AI or other advanced technology. The hackathon is the ultimate launchpad for new innovative businesses.

In 2017, we brought together 450 attendees, grouped in 5 tracks, who built 55 prototypes.
In 2018, we gathered 1000 attendees in 7 tracks working on 64 prototypes.
In 2019, we want to bring together 1500 attendees to solve 20 real societal challenges in 11 tracks and built 100 prototypes.