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MOOC 'Solving the Energy Puzzle'

MOOC 'Solving the Energy Puzzle'

MOOC 'Solving the Energy Puzzle'

Mon, 30 October 2017 t/m Fri, 15 December 2017

Taking advantage of the broad range of scientific disciplines within the University of Groningen, this free course takes a multidisciplinary approach to tackle and solve the energy puzzle. the MOOC start on October 30 2017.

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Today, energy systems are confronted with pressing global challenges: economic and social development, poverty eradication, adequate food production, health for all, conservation of ecosystems, peace and security. A major transformation – the energy transition – is required to address these challenges. In this course we will take the multidisciplinary approach to examine the energy transition question, providing you with the framework and methods to analyse the question yourself. Will you solve the energy puzzle?

By offering this unique MOOC, the University of Groningen and Energy Academy Europe provide an understanding of major sustainability issues around the global energy system and the urgency of the energy transition. It identifies the key factors of each aspect of the energy transition, and provides the knowledge and framework to analyse the question yourself.

The course, open to anyone interested in the topic, takes seven weeks to complete. For about 4 hours per week the course teaches and engages the participants with video’s, articles, discussions and quizzes. In the final week of the course, participants will use the knowledge and skills acquired to analyse the energy transition question in their own country.

The first edition of the course attracted over 4,000 participants worldwide and received a very positive evaluation. The start of this new edition will be on 30 October 2017. To join, register here