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Mon, 13 August 2018 t/m Fri, 17 August 2018

The KEI-week is the general introduction week for all new first-year students in Groningen. It gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know the city and the opportunities on offer for you in the city, in all the aspects of your life as a student. During your KEI-week it is not mandatory to visit every event, so you can take part in as many or as few of the events as you like!

Dates and costs

The KEI-week 2018 takes place between the 13 and 17th of August. To take part in the KEI-week you have to register, this can happen either online or at the Day Registration on the 13th of August. Signing up online will cost you €25,- and if you choose to do it on the 13th of august €28,-. This price makes the KEI-week the cheapest introduction week of the Netherlands. The ticket gives you access to all the KEI-week events, including concerts, parties and workshops, a free brunch on the Tuesday of the KEI-week, and coupons for discounts around the city. With the ticket you also get a KEI-bag with information all the information you will need to during the KEI-week.


All the participants of the KEI-week, KEI-lopers, are placed in a KEI-group. The groups have 12-15 people and are linked with 2 to 3 KEI-leaders. KEI-leaders are older students who take you to all the KEI-events and show you around the city. You get to know your KEI-group on the first Monday of the KEI-week, when you have dinner together at their house. The idea behind the group is that it is an easy way to get to know people quickly and have people to experience the KEI-week with. You can also choose to be placed in a group with someone you already know. As well as first-year students groups, you can also join an older-years group. This is for students that, for example, already have their bachelor and are starting a new study in Groningen or are transferring to Groningen for a minor. The third group-option is a mixed group, which contains both international students and Dutch students. In addition you can indicate your interests when you sign up the KEI-week, so you are placed in a group with like-minded individuals.