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Kei week

Mon, 14 August 2017 t/m Fri, 18 August 2017

The KEI-week is the general introduction week for all new students in Groningen. It is the perfect way to get to know the city and learn about all the possibilities for students in Groningen. With over 5.000 KEI-participants, the KEI-week is the biggest introduction week in the Netherlands and one of the biggest events in Groningen. Within one week you will become familiar with everything that Groningen has to offer its students. It’s a week you don’t want to miss.

Introduction to the city

The KEI-week 2016 will take place from Monday the 15th until Friday the 19th of August. During this week you will be placed in an international KEI-group with about 12 to 15 other new students. Half of the students in your group will be Dutch and the other half comes from abroad. With your KEI-group you can explore Groningen and go to all the events from the KEI-week. The events are specially designed to introduce you to the city and all the student-facilities. It includes information fairs, sport activities, great parties, the Open Air Festival, comedy events and much more. The program of the KEI-week is very diverse and includes something for everyone. During the KEI-week you are free to join the events that you want, nothing is compulsory. The KEI-groups will be guided by 2 or 3 senior students. These KEI-leaders will show you around in Groningen and help you find your way. This way you will be able to find all the best bars, restaurants and pubs that you like. You will also be introduced to student and sport associations.

15% international participants

Most participants of the KEI-week are Dutch, although almost 15% comes from abroad and every year more and more internationals join the KEI-week. Therefore we try to make the events as accessible for international students as possible. Furthermore, there will be several international student organisations present during the KEI-week to inform you about their organisation and their activities. This way it is possible for you to enjoy Groningen in a way that is fun and convenient for you.


You can sign up for the KEI-week via this website. It is also possible to sign up on the first day of the KEI-week. It costs €25,- to sign up online and €28,- to sign up on Monday the 15th of August. For this €25,-/€28,- you get access to all events of the KEI-week, receive a coupon book that offers discounts for bars and restaurants and an information bag containing all kinds of information that you might need during the KEI-week and your life in Groningen. Of course there is way more information on this website about the KEI-week. In the sub-menu you can read more about KEI-participants, KEI-leaders and the KEI-bag.