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Energy Lecture: The Revolution of Heating Technology

Energy Lecture: The Revolution of Heating Technology

Energy Lecture: The Revolution of Heating Technology

Wed, 25 April 2018
15:00 hour until 16:30 hour
Energy Academy – Zernike Campus (Nijenborgh 6), room 0029

Heat pumps in combination with electricity from intermittent production like wind and solarPV, makes smart grid technology/applications an unavoidable necessity in household and utility energy supply. At the same time there is no real view in the Netherlands in terms of legislation, technical developments or standard communication protocols on the aspects of heat pump technology connected to smart electricity grids. Peter Wagener, former chairman of the Dutch Heat Pump Association and Managing Director of Business Development Holland Consultancy will share his vision and knowledge.


The biggest challenge in the energy transition is to keep energy usage affordable and reliable while at the same time make the entire system sustainable. More than 40 organisations, large companies, provinces and NGO’s have signed the ‘SER Energy Agreement’ (government induced agreement), implementation of which is to lead us to the 14%-Paris-commitment in 2020. A major role in this agreement is foreseen for wind power, off- and onshore, as well as solarPV. Also, biomass in large and small applications has an important role. Heat pumps are in this context strongly recognised to have a huge potential as an instrument to increase the amount of renewable energy used in the building stock. Commercial buildings, as well as domestic housing. It has the potential to radically improve the efficiency of one of the most energy-consuming activities: heating and cooling and producing hot tap water we use in our buildings.

Heat pump technology

What are the core elements of the nowadays heat pump technology? How can we accelerate the implementation of this technology? And what is the outlook for this technology in The Netherlands?

This is an excellent opportunity to gain uptodate information about energy technology and the challenges of implementing the available technology in regulatory policy and practice. You will have full opportunity to ask questions and debate with the speaker and your fellow audience.The lecture is free and open to the public.

About Peter Wagener

Peter Wagener, former student of the Academy for Management (University of Groningen), has a background in business strategy and works as Managing Director/owner at Business Development Holland since 2005. BDH is a consultancy firm specialized in providing tailored strategies to companies in the energy-sector, housing corporations and municipalities to adapt their profession to the ever-changing demands of a sustainable society. BDH is an initiator of the Dutch Heat Pump Association, of which Peter Wagener was chairman for over 8 years. He follows his mission to contribute to a sustainable society and changes the way energy is being consumed by sharing his ambitions and expertise amongst others at congresses and symposia in the Netherlands and abroad.

        Peter Wagener
Peter Wagener