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Day of the Engineer

Day of the Engineer

Day of the Engineer

Wed, 21 March 2018
15:00 hour until 20:30 hour
Energy Academy Europe, Nijenborgh 6, Groningen

The Day of the Engineer is an initiative of the The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI). This event aims to make the added value of engineers for society visible, and to show that an education in engineering is varied and offers an attractive career perspective. The Day of the Engineer takes place at March 21 at the University of Groningen.


Two awards

During the Day of the Engineer, two arwards will be granted.

  1. Prins Friso Engineering Award
  2. KIVI Academic Society Award


15:00 hr             Welcome and registration with showcases at the University of Groningen
16.00 hr             Opening Part 1by Micaela dos Ramos CEng, managing director of the KIVI
17.10 hr             Diner buffet and networking
18.25 hr             Start of Part 2
19.30 hr             Drinks
20.30 hr             End of programm