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Careers Week

Careers Week

Careers Week

Mon, 30 September 2019 t/m Tue, 1 October 2019
FEB, Zernike Campus

The Careers Week is the annual careers event organised for the 6.500 students of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of the University of Groningen. It takes place at the beginning of October and it is the ideal way to meet and recruit talented FEB students, whilst presenting your organisation as a potential employer.

Meeting talent

During the Careers Week you can get to know and recruit students, offer them workshops and present business cases. For students, the Careers Week is one of the most appealing activities organised by the university in collaboration with companies. During these days there are no lectures for students, which means they can focus exclusively on preparing for their future careers.


For our students the Careers Week is all about getting to know the labour market and learning more about the skills employers require from them. Throughout the year, but especially during this 3-day event, the UG helps them improve their skills.