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Barn Talk: The circular economy

Barn Talk: The circular economy

Barn Talk: The circular economy

Wed, 4 April 2018
16:00 hour until 18:00 hour
EnergyBarn on EnTranCe, Zernikelaan 17 9747 AA Groningen

Thomas Rau has been contributing for many years to the national and international discussion on sustainability, the use of renewable energy sources in architecture and the question of how to act in the light of the current raw materials scarcity. During this third Barn Talk on Wednesday, April 4 he takes the audience into his world without possessions. Because why would you buy lamps if you can also buy light? Does this ensure that producers make better products? Thomas Rau names the tasks of tomorrow and with his enthusiasm, energy and humor he knows how to convince his audience of the radical steps that are needed to make the transition from sustainability to viability.

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He shows that the energy problem can be resolved. Renewable energy is there enough, it's a question of the right attitude. The rapidly increasing scarcity of raw materials is much more acute. As an entrepreneur, he sees no threat but a challenge in this. Because waste of raw materials is a global phenomenon, he wants to go beyond working at production level and focus on closing raw materials cycles. This is central during the lecture by Thomas Rau. Young entrepreneurs and energy professionals react to his story and thus initiate a debate with the audience.

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