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Barn Talk: Forever connected

Barn Talk: Forever connected

Barn Talk: Forever connected

Wed, 7 March 2018
16:00 hour until 18:00 hour
Energy Barn, EnTranCe terrein, Zernikelaan 17, 9747 AA Groningen

Barn Talk: Forever connected: Integration, climate and economy.


These are the major issues of our time: integration, climate and economy. Professor Klaas van Egmond shows during this Barn Talk the important connection between these subjects and the major issues that arise. On 7 March, Klaas van Egmond will take over from Wouter van Dieren during the second Barn Talk in the Energy Barn. Also during this edition there is plenty of room for debates and discussions with the existing energy professionals and afterwards a big energy network drink

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What are the Barn Talks?


Barn Talks are surprising debates with always a main guest with an inspiring story that the audience can take with them in debates and conversations. The Barn Talks provide an extra boost and network for energy professionals and other interested parties around the theme of energy.