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All inclusive | University quiz and sports event

All inclusive | University quiz and sports event

All inclusive | University quiz and sports event

Wed, 12 June 2019
13:00 hour until 00:00 hour
Sportcentrum (Blauwborgje 16) en Academiegebouw

For the first time in 405 years, the university organises a combined sports and quiz event! A meeting of muscles and brains between the best teams per faculty and service.


As follows: in the afternoon, the teams combat each other at the sports centre in a not-so-serious 'sports' competition. Think of: a dragon boat race in the pond before the Duisenberg building; a looping bikes competition; a beerbike race…

That same night, the historical and contemporary knowledge of each team is tested in a smashing University challenge in the Academy building. Through a complex scoring method, eventually the best team emerges, after which all participants raise the glass together.


Each team can consist of a maximum of fifteen persons, of course all inclusive: men, women, student, staff, Dutch, international... Ten persons form the sports team in the afternoon, five persons torture their brains that night. Note: a team can therefore also consist of a minimum of ten persons, active in the afternoon and in the evening!


After the University challenge, the sports and brains teams reunite in the Bruinszaal of the Academy building for drinks and snacks. After the jury has finally come to a decision, the ultimate winning team is announced, and more glasses are raised!