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5G Masterclass: The Internet of Things in practice

5G Masterclass: The Internet of Things in practice

5G Masterclass: The Internet of Things in practice

Thu, 19 September 2019
16:00 hour until 18:00 hour
Groningen, venue to be announced

5Groningen organises a new Masterclass on Thursday 19 September. Rudi Niemeijer of the Testconsultancy Groep will talk about the Internet of Things in practice. Niemeijer is an computer scientist and an electronicus and is knowledgeable about the latest status of mobile techniques. He has designed a blue print for the 5G Lab amongst other things, and devised the Smart Potato.

Internet of Things

Nowadays, it is common to have everyday items connected to the internet. Electronics have so small and cheap, that even a peg can have an internet connection. You hear daily in media about devices that can make a connection with internet and about the advantages that the Internet of Things has for the final user. But how does it work, connecting something with the internet? And how do you test it, so it runs smoothly? And how can you apply it yourself?

About the 5G Masterclass

The 5G Masterclass is an initiative of 5Groningen, a program of the Economic Board Groningen (EBG). It is an educational, interactive event that takes place once a month. Every Masterclass is centered around a 5G related topic. The two hour long sessions are introduced by experts of top players from the world of telecom, such as KPN, Vodafone, Ericsson, Huawei and TNO.  This is followed by questions from the audience and a substantive discussion. This event is free of charge, the only requirement is that you enroll in time.