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NOM Finance wants to grow businesses. She does this by providing funding to high potential companies in the Northern Netherlands in the form of share capital and / or subordinated loans. This funding is provided to both start-ups and companies that want to grow or want to do an take over. The financial commitment is always for a certain period. After that, the shares are sold, the loan will be repaid and the yield will be invested elsewhere.

Quick profit is not a goal, an active partner and a company-specific approach. In addition to capital, NOM Finance offers excellent expertise, advice and guidance with the aim of growth of revenue, profit and sustainable employment. NOM Finance has currently invested approximately € 90 million for nearly 100 companies.

Perhaps the NOM Finance is your future financier? Through the NOM website you can do the NOM Financing Check. After answering just seven questions, you know whether you can qualify for appropriate financing for your business and whether a conversation with one of the investment managers is useful.

In brief:

  • Invests in companies that are likely to succeed in the Northern Netherlands
  • Not a bank, but a supplementary risk-bearer
  • Relationship based on a profitable enterprise
  • Is financially involved for a limited period of time (4 – 6 years)
  • NOM aims to build long-term business relationships
  • Quick profit is not our goal, but an active participation with an approach specific to your company
  • Revolving Fund $ 90 million
  • Invested in more than 100 companies

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