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Invest in tomorrow's new healthcare

The rapid demographic, social and economic developments in society cry out for changes in health care. Transformation to integral, personal, knowledge-based and outcome-oriented healthcare is necessary for maintaining quality, accessibility and affordability.

The possibilities for this are, among others, due to technological developments, greater than ever before. NextGen Ventures invests in innovative technologies that really contribute to this development.
They support the implementation of IT and medtech solutions that add value to people, patients and professionals.



NextGen Ventures invests in knowledge-intensive companies which make a change in Healthcare. Preferably potential breakthrough innovations that overcome the "ideas phase" and work on a market position. The fund preferably takes a significant minority interest in companies with strong management.

Initial investments are at least € 100.000 and on average approximately € 400.000. Nextgen Ventures prefers an investment strategy that spreads its investments across multiple investment rounds.